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It has been a long while, but it is about time we finally talked. A lot has gone on and there is a lot to get through, but it brings me joy to say that we are back, and PRESS is drawing closer than ever! First and foremost, we would like to point out that immediately after the bug announcement we stated that we were “devastated but not done.” We stand by those words. We said that we were not going to give up until we succeeded in building out our vision for the project and that is exactly what…

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Website: Printer.Finance

Our vision 🌎

Move out the way SUSHI there’s a new sheriff in defi-town. His name — Printer.Finance. Tired of your portfolio taking a hit big enough for your wife to leave on the daily? It’s ok. Don’t stress. We the kind folks at Printer.Finance have you covered. How you ask? By tackling head on the two-sided problem lurking in the underbelly of all these projects; whales and supply inflation.

In the past week we’ve seen defi-food failure after defi-food failure, and we are here to make it right. We implement a sensible approach to mining reward structure, enabling both early…

Printer Finance

A community focused yield-farming protocol, implementing a new model of governance. Re-launching soon!!

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